I like football since the beginning. I always support Santos Futebol Clube, the greatest club of South America, which the King Pelé played all (or almost) his career. In 2009 I started to watch Bundesliga and Borussia Dotmund, so I felt in love with this amazing club, its history, the supporters and, of course, its football style.


From Soul to Samba, from Pop to Classical, from R&B to MPB, from Funk & 80s Dance to 90s Hip Hop and even more Rock and all its subgenres... I can read, listen and appreciate it for hours. Unconditional fan of Michael Jackson, for me the best band of all time is Black Sabbath (with Ozzy!).



I always liked eletronics, videogames, television, radio... But when I met the personal computer, when I was aged 6, I loved it. The years passed and, now, I do work with it. It could not be different. Despite I love to write, technology is on my DNA and work with it is amazing.

About me
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My Job

I do work with IT, I just create some websites (it's not my best thing, sincerely) and actually I do work with support, helping clients and fixing computers and servers. Here you can see some of my jobs with websites.


I do help Telegram with localisations for all apps in Portuguese, I also help with the portuguese translation of Plag. Also, I contribute with some articles about Telegram on Medium (in Portuguese), where I write some tips and tricks and also news about the service (not an official source) and about soccer on O Brasileirão (in English).

Here you can find all my social networks (no, I don't have Facebook nor Instagram or WhatsApp):